Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ready for Halloween?

By the way loyal Bilbert fans, I will be getting pictures of his trip to Northampton really don't give on him just yet..he's just having way too much fun with Anne's kids!!

On another note...etsians are busy gearing up for halloween and there is a lot of Halloween stuff up!! From the scariest, to the creepiest to just plain spooky!! So my team, the "otherlings", usually have monthly challenges and this month's challenge is to make something Halloween-y.  I finally finished my something Halloween-y but.. now when I look at him, he doesn't look that scary, creepy or spooky.  He looks um..mentally challenged, a little silly and a tad happy..but he will do!  Despite his look I personally believe he is a soulless evil monster out to chomp your brains out!! He has a set of teeth many of you may envy!!  Someone told me he has a sexy upper me it looks like someone punched him in the mouth! Check him out!

mmmh! maybe if i'd made his teeth sharp he might have looked scarier...note to self for next time!  Overall...I still LOVE how he turned out.  He cracks me up!!

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