Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's spring time! It's time to get rid of the old and get something new and fun! That old ruggedy plush needs to go...and make room for either one of these cuties!! I'm having a giveaway and you all get to choose one of two furry plush monsters or kitty below!! All free!! The winner will be selected on April 10th so get on it and good luck!

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Wilbert is British!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Do I have something to tell you!! Not only have I acquired a British accent but I now have the passport too!! It's a wonderful red one!!! I've also decorated my suitcase with some awesome stickers and I will be carrying my flag around to celebrate!!! Plus I have to go and get me some cool British gear!!

Look at that!! How do I look? Patriotic I suppose! Don't worry, I'm still Canadian at heart and I still have my Canadian passport! I have to say my family back home will be astonished to hear how British I sound. I may settle here some day. Nathalee and Deanell said I can stay with them any day! Infact, they don't want me to leave at all. Nathalee now fondly calls me "Willy British"...and might I mention she's the only one allowed to call me that!!

We are out shopping! The streets of London are always busy! Can you see the excitement on my face?

Woot! Check these out!! How do I look? Wow! Brad Pitt step aside!! I think I look pretty cool. I don't like to toot my own horn but I think I look smashing! Wouldn't you agree? Plus the colours are great! 

Forget the shades! Check out this new shirt! It rocks!! London rocks! Deanell rocks!! I rock and I'm keeping this shirt!! Oh how I love my new gear! Now everywhere I go they can tell I'm British too!!

Ho! Hoo!!! Look at this one!! I love it!! Now no one can doubt I'm British too with a shirt like this!! How can you?! I might give one of the two to Bilbert when I find him! But meanwhile I will wear them and look awesome!

Look at my new friends! Can you tell this has been a very successful day! Getting a passport, cool clothes and making friends all in one day!!! Everyone is so nice and friendly to me...I wonder if they are just a naturally friendly folk?...

Wonder if I should buy one of these to travel with? I could drive myself instead of flying everywhere!! Naa.. Flying is still way more fun...and you get to meet way more people!

Oh time to go home! We have to relax as tomorrow we have another touring day!! Nathalee said she will take me to see the London bridge! Imagine that!!!

Later gators...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Out and about in London

It's a brand new day and it's a beautiful one too. Nathalee, Deanell and I are going out and about and I'm looking forward to it.

These flowers look like tiny yellow birds flying around. So vibrant aren't they?!  Flowers always give you a whole new outlook on life especially at this time of year!!  I wish the winter would end soon for my family in Canada! I'm sending them all warm thoughts from England. I do wish they will read this with the English accent I've acquired. Teeheehee!

I've met a few new friends!! The blue one's a furby! Some kind of creature that I'm not quite sure about. Boy are they a chatty kind!! This creature makes the weirdest noises at the weirdest of times and none of us can understand what's it's all about. They are fun to watch though and all that mumbling is quite funny for the most part. The penguins and I try to immitate but it just doesn't sound the same!! Furby's are funny fellows!! Rumour (a.k.a the penguins) has it that they can somehow be turned off! A funny concept to me, but they sure do need it! Fancy having an off switch, I would certainly object to that!

Penguins love a good story. This one in particular loves to hear me read Sea Life over and over again. He thinks my newly acquired accent is a bit odd.  Personally I think I sound very charming and sophisticated but that has been questioned a few times by this pesky penguin.  Good thing he loves playing hide and seek too...and we all know it's a game I love!! 

Yoohoo! It's the queen!! Look at me mingling with royalty! Yeah! Yeah! I know it's just a plate but I haven't met her in person ...yet!..and how many of you own a plate like this huh?'s still cool!! I think when I meet her she will love me! Forget the queen, I think I should pop in and visit the duke and duchess! I can have a tête-à-tête with Kate and maybe play with little George. Plus it gives me an opportunity to see if Bilbert is perhaps staying with never know, right?

Check out Nathalee's favourite beer!!! Can you tell where she's from? She got me to try some but while it tasted great, beer is just not my cup of tea. I prefer ginger beer! Plus I have to be a role model for all the other little monsters!!  Beer isn't good for monsters, they can be a rambunctious, naughty and mischievious lot after just a few sips! Nah! I'll stick with good old ginger beer! Leave the beer to the older humans they handle it better!

Guess where I am??!!! ...You got it!! At the movies!! Nathalee, Deanell and I are watching Non-stop! Oh and I had popcorn and a big pop to myself!! My belly was busting at the seams after that! The movie was great! You all have to go see it. It was captivating right from the beginning to the end and I was immensely thrilled!  It took me a while to calm down from all that excitement! Speaking of calm, I'm off to bed! We will tour some more tomorrow..until then, so long!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We've got mail!

With Wilbert travelling around the world we are all living vicariously through him. We miss him tremendously! We love it when we receive an email from him! The monsters, kitties, monkeys and all have just been bonding over his emails ..they really look forward to it, and when we receive one, they all huddle together to read it!  It's the cutest thing! I had to take a picture!

Some of them are not even present...but you get the idea. 

For some very odd reason, the monkeys feel the need to re-read the emails over and over!

Don't forget if you would like to adopt any of them just click on my shop link on the left. Not all of them are online yet, so just contact me if you see one here that you cant find online. 

Wilbert's England adventure will continue shortly! We just received another email today!

Monday, March 17, 2014

It's England! It's England!

I'm finally here!!! It's London!! I love it!!! Nathalee picked me up and I was just delighted to meet her. She was sweet, funny and she talks almost as fast as I do!! Her son Deanell is the superstar! He is cool, witty, and he happens to be better looking than I am (very rare!)

Look at them both!! Can you see the delight on my face?? Huh!! Their accents are just music to my ears!! I've acquired a bit of an accent too!! Oh you should just hear me, I sound brilliant!!

Look at that!!! Nathalee hinted she would put me in one of those!! Ugh! Can you imagine how claustrophobic that would be?? Oh the horror!! I'm getting nightmares just thinking about it!! Better yet, can you see the fright on my face and the glee on hers? She's a riot that Nathalee!! Good thing I love her and I'm so forgiving! Flights are way better and roomier! Just saying....

Somehow I feel safer in the hands of Deanell!! Plus we just look cool together!! Look at those shades!!  We are going to a friends birthday party!! You know I love everything about, food, games, music and cake! What's not to love??!

Oh I'm having such a great time!! The kids think I'm a bit odd maybe because my dancing skills are far more advanced than theirs!.. And maybe because I had too much cake! Does my stomach look a tad protrudy? Bilbert was the party animal, I was glad to come to the party as I was hopeful I would find him here. He could always smell a party a mile away. I shook every gift and looked under all the furniture and on the dance floor, but Bilbert was nowhere! 

Oh! Oh! Time for me to sing..

I played this little organ and sang my heart out! They were all amazed at my voice!! One of the parents, a music producer offered to record one of my songs!! Can you believe that!? Woot!! I would love that, but I'm on a mission to find my brother and honestly travelling around the world is so much fun!!!  I should have done this ages ago!!

Oh I'm glad we're home! Don't you just love their house?? Oh I can tell I will love my stay here!! I just know it!! Nathalee and Deanell are planning an awesome trip to show me around London so stay tuned!! I'm pooped..

Friday, March 14, 2014

The final days in Greece!

Wilbert spend his final days in Greece visiting different sites and enjoying the sunshine. He certainly knows how to have a good time with everyone. It helps that he is super friendly!!

This certainly looked like a place Billy would love!  You know why??? ..he loved horses!! Can you see the beautiful one in the back ground?? Wilbert went horse riding and loved it. He tried to ask the horses if they had perhaps seen Billy... He was shocked to hear him neigh! What an odd sound a horse makes! It startled him a little! Can you tell it's the first time he meets horses too?? Wilbert is certainly learning a lot on his adventures. 

"Oh will you look at that!!! The beach!!, I ran around and made little footprints in the wet sand! I build a sand castle with Sebastian and Georgos!!! I swam 2 feet into the water and got thrown back out by the waves!! I played catch with Porthos! I got buried in the sand!! It was such a lovely day!! I just wish my twin brother was here to play too!! I searched all over the beach but couldn't find Billy!! Where is he???"

Weeeee! Don't you just love it when the wind blows your ears around??  Well if you are the same species as Wilbert, you would too! Hair is overrated anyways!!!  And wind just messes hair up! Ears on the other hand are awesome!!

"Aaah! Time to wind down! All this fresh air and sunshine is very exhausting!!! This my friends, is not a complaint just a statement said in appreciation for all mother nature offers! Tiihiihii! But we all know sunshine and beaches are the best!!  Time to relax before I pack up my bags and head to England to visit Nathalee!!!!! Hopefully she's as nice as Ilse and her family! I will miss them all.  I wonder if Nathalee has a doggie too?? Well, I will find out soon enough!  Do you think Bilbert is in England?"

*To all my readers/followers, I'm still looking for all sorts of places to go visit and continue my quest to find my brother. If you would like to host me, get your people to email my people at tiihihi! That makes me sound all important, doesn't it?*

You heard him! Any potential hosts can email. Also visit to see the monsters and kitties for sale. You can get your very own Wilbert look alike. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wilbert tours Greece

Wilbert had a few days bonding with the family and spending endless hours playing with Porthos. He had so much fun that for a brief moment he forgot his quest to look for Bilbert. At least he knows he has to have fun as he searches too!!

He looked in this lovely flowery bush but he wasn't in there. The leaves kind of tickled him and he had a good laugh. He couldn't believe how lush and green the bush looked and the flowers were such a lovely pink colour...and the smell was glorious! Oh the little joys of life!!

Oh the ground is so warm!! Where is the snow?? He is certainly not missing it! The sun on his face feels lovely!!!  You can tell with his one attentive ear he is listening out for any sounds of Bilbert! 

"Yoohoo Billy!! Can you hear me?? Woot..notice how the Greek flag in the background brings out the brown in my eyes??!... I love it here!! Hmm Billy's not here!!"  I have to mention that Wilbert is the only one that's allowed to call Bilbert Billy! It's a twin thing. He gets livid when anyone else calls him Billy! By the way...does anyone else notice just how easily Wilbert gets distracted?

"Billy? Billy? I guess he's not on the rooftop! But hey, look at this beautiful view!!!! The air is so fresh, the trees smell great and the sky looks beautiful!...oh what a beautiful mooorning.. oh what a beautiful day....ok enough singing! hey Porthos, wanna play hide and seek?..."

Wilbert is having such a great time in Greece! All the monsters are having a great time living vicariously through him!! We miss him though! But he has a job to do and an adventure to have. 

So long Wilbert! Till next time...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wilbert meets the family

Wilbert has been enjoying his stay in Greece so much!! The weather has been just perfect and the family has been so loving!!!  He wanted to introduce us to the family.

First is the lovely Ilse!! She was so kind as to let Wilbert stay with her and her family as he searches for his brother in Greece. In Wilbert's email he said "She is incredibly kind, sweet and she smells great!" Can't you almost tell from the look on his face? 

This is Michalis! Ilse's wonderful husband. He promised to help Wilbert with his search for Bilbert. Wilbert described him as "fun, friendly...with a great sense of humour and a firm grip!"  We can tell just by looking at him...can't we?

Wilbert loved meeting Sebastian, Ilse's son!! He thought he was so cool!! He loved his haircut and he couldn't get enough video game time with him! He said Sebastian was "adventurous, fun, creative and very active." He taught him some awesome games, he even got to win some! Okay maybe one or two....Sebastian is just way too good at the games! Wilbert just needs more practice. 

Georgos is Sebastian's brother ....and Wilbert loved Georgos! Not only because he took him to the beach, but also helped him look for Bilbert while they were there. He said Georgos was "kind, adorable, playful, very active and so cool!" Wilbert found the beach very calming...but left and right, up and down, Bilbert was nowhere to be found. 

Porthos was a little terrifying to Wilbert at first. He sniffed him a lot and made weird sounds. Bare in mind, Wilbert had never met/seen a dog in his life!!!  It only took a few hours for him to fall in love with Porthos! He realized, they are about the same height and they can play together! They both spend a lot of time chasing his tail!! Wilbert even tried to ride Porthos but that was an epic fail! Wilbert described Porthos as "cute, cuddly, playful and very friendly!" The biggest advantage of having Porthos around was that he got blamed for everything! (Even when Wilbert did it teeheehee) Missing cookies, farts, open doors...just name it! He hopes that one day he can out-run porthos at the beach though. He just needs to keep exercising. You can do it Wilbert!!!

Now that we've met the family we will have to see what adventures he gets into with them. 

Write soon Wilbert! We miss you!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wilbert's First day in Greece

Wilbert left Canada on a cold Winter day but with a warm heart! We were all sorry to see him leave, but we have to remember that he is on a mission to find his twin brother Bilbert.  I think he just  loves adventure...just like Bilbert! The wonderful news is that he got there safe and sound on Valentines day!! Ilse was nice enough to have him stay with her family! The highlight of his day was busking in the warm sun, nibbling on some chocolate.

Can you see the pure bliss on his face as he enjoys the fresh air blowing his ears?! Some of you may also observe the slight anticipation of taking the first bite of his chocolate...

Let's all give him a moment...

Stay tuned!!