Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wilbert is British!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Do I have something to tell you!! Not only have I acquired a British accent but I now have the passport too!! It's a wonderful red one!!! I've also decorated my suitcase with some awesome stickers and I will be carrying my flag around to celebrate!!! Plus I have to go and get me some cool British gear!!

Look at that!! How do I look? Patriotic I suppose! Don't worry, I'm still Canadian at heart and I still have my Canadian passport! I have to say my family back home will be astonished to hear how British I sound. I may settle here some day. Nathalee and Deanell said I can stay with them any day! Infact, they don't want me to leave at all. Nathalee now fondly calls me "Willy British"...and might I mention she's the only one allowed to call me that!!

We are out shopping! The streets of London are always busy! Can you see the excitement on my face?

Woot! Check these out!! How do I look? Wow! Brad Pitt step aside!! I think I look pretty cool. I don't like to toot my own horn but I think I look smashing! Wouldn't you agree? Plus the colours are great! 

Forget the shades! Check out this new shirt! It rocks!! London rocks! Deanell rocks!! I rock and I'm keeping this shirt!! Oh how I love my new gear! Now everywhere I go they can tell I'm British too!!

Ho! Hoo!!! Look at this one!! I love it!! Now no one can doubt I'm British too with a shirt like this!! How can you?! I might give one of the two to Bilbert when I find him! But meanwhile I will wear them and look awesome!

Look at my new friends! Can you tell this has been a very successful day! Getting a passport, cool clothes and making friends all in one day!!! Everyone is so nice and friendly to me...I wonder if they are just a naturally friendly folk?...

Wonder if I should buy one of these to travel with? I could drive myself instead of flying everywhere!! Naa.. Flying is still way more fun...and you get to meet way more people!

Oh time to go home! We have to relax as tomorrow we have another touring day!! Nathalee said she will take me to see the London bridge! Imagine that!!!

Later gators...


  1. Love him in those sunglasses!!

  2. Well who knew that Wilbert is such the fashion plate! He looks like he is having so much fun and he looks extra spiffy in those cool shades. So much fun following Wilbert's adventures!

  3. He's having such a great time!! I'm afraid his ego is getting too big! haha!!