Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Finds

Happy Friday!!

Today i'm in a shopping mood, but I really don't have money to spend :).  So I will share with you some unique cute stuff I found on etsy!!

These really fun cushions from Cutting Edge Stencils will add style to any room.  Check out this shop to see more...

It's no secret that I love kitties.  Look at these adorable ones from KikiKreation They look so realistic!! I just wanna get in there and play too!!

And with this weather today, I would love one of these ponchos from KnuttinButYarn it's not only cute, but cozy as well!!

And for those who have kindles, iPad or cellphones, you have to check this site out ClassicPouchDesigns.   It has some of the cutest sleeves!! She has all styles and colours.  My favourite one is this one, because I love the combination of that lime green colour with denim!!

Well those are a just few of the cute stuff I have found among the numerous things on etsy.  If you see any cute stuff, feel free to share!! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I'm finally going to have a BETTER banner for both my shop and my blog...stay tuned!! The one I currently have, I've always known was a sight for sore eyes, but soon it will be a brand spanking new cool one!! I finally created an business page and hopefully those of you that friended me in the old "DoodleDollies" can come and like me on my fan page here 

I had a giveaway last week when I finally hit 50 fans and I am hoping to do another one at 100fans as well.

On other news.. you can finally buy your very own DoodleDollie at the chickpeaboutique in the heart of Ottawa.  You can check out the website here  Jen, the owner is so sweet and her shop is so adorable.  The great thing about her shop is that you can shop online as well!! The baby gifts in her store are to die for!!  Next time I have a baby shower, I know where to go.

So going retail made me really sit down and evaluating my numbers and realized i'm barely making a profit! So unfortunately I will have to raise the prices in my shop slightly.  There are a lot of factors I hadn't taken into consideration when pricing my!! 

Please visit my shop at the end of this weekend and let me know what you think of the new pricing.

I hope you all have an awesome week ahead.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New monsters

Ok, so on a lighter note, I have some new monsters to share.  They still have the same happy look, but their hands and legs are all fur!! I love the way they turned out even though working with fur can be a bit messy,...some furs more than others.  I'm thinking that now that the weather is getting better, I will do most of my cutting in the back yard...leave the mess outside.  Maybe some birds could use the fur for nests?? I would like to think so but after i'm done picking up the bulk of it only random strands will the left.  The beige one I've used for this monsters was a fabric given to me a while back by my dear sister, but just hadn't had the opportunity to use it.  Not sure why, as it was fairly easy to use and not that messy!! So what do you think?

They have such innocent, youthful faces...but only one of them can be trusted! The second one called Imani.  The first one is Zuku.  You can find them both in my etsy store here

Visit any time..

Monday, March 12, 2012

Officially given up on Bilbert

It's ironic this post follows my previous one of Bilbert resurfacing! When I received the email from Bilbert's host saying he had arrived safely I was so excited and couldn't wait to spread the news.  Especially since I had been so worried he was lost.  So now since that email, I have written to his host a few times to see how he is doing and hoping to get some pictures but for 2 months and some now I have received no pictures, no response to my emails...basically nothing.  So I was just wondering if I should give up.  After my first mistake I have made a point to write to all hosts in advance to see if they had time to host him before I sent them over and its usually been fine.  I'm really pissed off as you can imagine.  I had so much hope initially that we would all have fun with this idea.  The last couple of hosts before this one were nice enough to have him but didn't send me any picures so we can't all share in the fun :(.  Why would anyone agree to host him if they have no intention of sticking with the rules of sharing pics...thats the fun part of it all grrr...and its not asking for much!!  For a minute I was even worried something had happened to his current host, but she continues to list stuff on her etsy I know someone sees my messages there anyway..

So this is just a note (clearly a vent as well) to let all you Bilbert followers know that perhaps this is it for our wonderful Bilbert adventures and to thank all his previous hosts for doing such a WONDERFUL job of hosting him!!  If any previous hosts that haven't sent any pictures still want to share them, we would love to see them.  For his current host, if you ever feel like giving back Bilbert or sharing pictures and sending him on...I will be very appreciative!!   

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bilbert has resurfaced!!!

A little before Christmas Bilbert finally got to his destination.  I guess he fought his way through international air space and made his way to his new host.  Ladies and gentlemen, we are back on track!! Hopefully I will get lots of pictures to share with you all in a little while.

We are all overjoyed here as we were sure Bilbert got lost on the way somewhere!! yaaay!! Off to celebrate with the monsters!!