Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wilbert starts farming!

All this land and fresh air got me thinking...maybe I could try my hand at farming! After running around in the fields feeling the wind in my ears, I think it's time to grow something!

Look! Spinach! Back home in Canada they call it Swiss chard! These grow fast!! After deciding to grow them just a few days ago, look how much they grew!! And it's all organic too!! Nothing like fresh sautéed spinach! Yum!

Look! The plants are taller than me!! Hey! That's not necessarily a bad thing!! It just means I can reach the base and pluck the weeds a lot faster than most of you! Plus the added bonus of not injuring my back! You poor tall folk!

Check out my small corn field! Since I'm light, I can climb the stalks and get a good close look at my corn!! ...Doing good I see!! These will be very yummy roasted over an open charcoal fire sprinkled with salt and spicy red chilli powder as they do it here!! By the way! Bilbert is not anywhere to be found! I even looked in the nearby forest where I had a very close encounter with a porcupine! Oh my heart is still pounding! On the other hand I had fun watching a few monkeys monkeying around for a while!

My problem is getting up and down these makeshift steps from the garden to the house!! This pinkish soil can be a bit messy too!! Nothing a bath and blow dry can't fix! I'm just not used to soil this colour.

Almost there!!! These steps will need to be altered if I decide to settle here! Or when I come back to build a house. They are definitely not hip friendly. Let's not forget the damage that Nathalee did on my hip when I was in England..I'm still recovering from that!

After reaching the summit..guess what I quenched my thirst with? A lovely beer they call summit! Ok so maybe mine has been emptied into Julius's glass and filled with ginger beer..we all know I don't drink! But I think that's a cool name for a beer!! ...and at the rate Julius guzzled it, it must be tasty!  Oh it feels good to relax after a hard day gardening!

More details on the farm later..

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exploring Kenya

First I have to apologize for the late delivery of Wilbert's message below.

Hi everyone, I've been having a great time in Kenya. Everyone is so nice and friendly!! Probably the friendliest folk I've met yet.  They're just a happy lot here!! The weather is just perfect too!!!

Every morning starts with a fresh smoothie that has mango, papaya, passion fruit and bananas in it!! This is made by mama Rhoda, my host Julius's mum..Sooo yummy!! She is so sweet!! Oh I'm really loving life here! ....and the food!

I spend a few minutes watching in fascination as people go about their business. Everyone seems so busy in the morning washing and hanging clothes. Most of them singing as they do it. 

Aaaahh! I'm finally in the country side. A small village called Kilome and the air is just soo fresh!!! Check out this chair! Isn't it the coolest?! I have to be careful though in-case I fall through!!

It's a beautiful day!! The views from Kilome are incredible. The village is up on a hill and you can see far and wide!! You can actually see Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya on a clear day. Oh how I love it here!! Julius said I can even build a house on his land!! Isn't that just generous of him??!!

Isn't that a beautiful view!! And check out the lovely blue sky!! Such a beautiful day!!! I'm eyeing every bush to see if perhaps Bilbert might pop out of it. I wonder if he is in Kilome?

Off to search...will let you know..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



It's spring time! It's time to get rid of the old and get something new and fun! That old ruggedy plush needs to go...and make room for either one of these cuties!! I'm having a giveaway and you all get to choose one of two furry plush monsters or kitty below!! All free!! The winner will be selected on April 10th so get on it and good luck!

All you have to do is 3 things..

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Only those who do all 3 will be elligible to win.

I will keep track of all the entries and depending on how many entries I get, I will either get nominees picked from a hat... or I will number them and get a number picked randomly!!

You can always comment below if you have any questions or email me at doodledollies@gmail.com

Good luck!!

Once all 3 are done, comment 'done' on either Instagram, Facebook or here so that I can track your name. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

In Kenya at last!

Hi folk!

I'm finally in Kenya! My flight got a little delayed but I made it safe and sound! I had a wonderful time getting here!

Here I was just about to board! Business Class?! Ha I wish!! See how hopeful I look? I gave the stewardess the same look hoping for an upgrade and all I got was an extra packet of macadamia nuts and a kiss on the cheek! She was very pretty so I'll take that! 

Oh what fun!! I played some games, and listened to some dance music!! They even had some cool African beats to set the tone! Oh I was getting very excited about getting to Kenya!! 

I watched a few movies!! And some cartoons!! That was so exciting! I tried to sleep but the lady beside me, Stella, had a very loud snore!! Believe me when I say it sounded like three hungry piggies snorting and grunting at the same time! She was very sweet though. She happened to be Kenyan and she told me all sorts of stories about Kenya and what to expect!! 

When we landed you could hear all the commotion and excitement!! People talking about families and tourists talking about safaris.. Oh if I had a tail I would wag it from all the excitement I felt!! I usually wait until most people disembark before I do! People can be very pushy and the last thing I want is to get knocked over and stomped! No sir! Not today!! Not now!!

I'm here!! I'm here! Finally I'm here!!! Thank goodness away from the crowds too! Can you see the international Arrivals behind me over yonder? See the crowds? There was a bunch of people asking if I needed a taxi, lucky for me my friend Phil was there to pick me up!! I'm busting at the seams too! Boy do they give you tons of food in those flights! And apparently a lot of alcohol! You should've seen the drunk people staggering out of the plane! Good thing I waited to get out! 

Bye bye Airport! Bye bye Kenya Airways! See you all on my way out! Now I just have to get home, unpack, nap and start touring! Oh boy! I can't wait to see what kind of adventure and mischief I can get into here. I bet neither can you huh?

Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite! Teeheehee! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One last day in London

I'm a little woebegone today as I will be leaving Nathalee and Deanell!  It doesn't help that they both look so sad!! That's the downside of my travels! I fall in love with each family and it just makes it that much harder to leave! But this is not goodbye, but see you later. I will be back to visit them with Bilbert! I just need to find him first. I've looked everywhere in London! I thought I'd find him at the party, or maybe admiring the bridge or just walking around but I didn't. I have to keep looking!!

Sob! I'm just standing outside to take in a little fresh air and compose myself! It's hard being in there. The reality of my departure just set in...and who knew Nathalee was so dramatic!! She threw herself on the ground and was kicking and screaming uncontrollably. Deanell just sobs silently and looks so sad! It just breaks my heart!! Sob! Sob!! I just don't want to leave..

Finally the mood is a little less somber and we're having our final dinner..pizza!! My favourite!!  I had my passport with me incase I forgot it! Oh! Have no worries! My newly acquired British one is tucked away safely in my suitcase!

Deanell even has a friend over! Isn't she pretty!! She insisted on taking a picture with me!! She's such a sweetie! Guess who photobombed us?! Good thing I love that Nathalee! It's hard to get mad at her because she's so sweet! Plus she smells good!

This little one came to say goodbye too. He couldn't eat pizza but sure had a good nibble on my ears!  It tickled a lot and we had a good laugh. I'm not sure why everytime I laugh people think it's hilarious! Even this little guy had a good giggle!

Check out my ride to the airport!! I didn't want Nathalee to drive me. She just seems so emotional today and it's harder to say goodbye at airports!! Plus this way, I can tour the city one last time as we drive to Heathrow Airport. My flight to Kenya leaves at 0100hr!!! I love you Nathalee! I love you Deanell!! I'll email you guys soon ..keep an eye out for Bilbert will you?!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wilbert goes to the City

I apologize for the delay in conveying Wilbert's email! Wilbert spend a wonderful day with Nathalee and Deanell touring the city! He saw some incredible places and sent us some lovely pics and messages.

Woot! Check that out!! That is The Shard hotel! Did you know that it's the tallest building in Europe?? Wow!! I can't believe I got to see it! 

Isn't that the prettiest building you've ever laid eyes on? Ironically it's the exact design I had in mind for the house I intend to build for myself some day! I'll have to find the architect and have a talk with him!

Oh look how tall and proud I stand!! I can't believe little old me is about to see the London bridge!!! Oh what fun!!

Oh there it is!!!! Do you see the awe in my eyes!! I even teared up a little!! Isn't it beautiful?!!  I have a good mind to climb it and sit right at the top!! I'm not sure if that might be frowned upon though... 

One picture is just not enough!! I had to take another selfie!!  This moment deserves a moment of silence.....trust me, I'm silent even though my mouth's wide open! I'm just dumbfounded!

Look at the London Bridge Hospital right behind me!! It's structure is incredible. Oh what a wonderful view one would have from inside!! I do pity the poor people laying inside, but at least they have a beautiful and hopefully calming view... I'm sending healing vibes to them. I suggest you do too!!


Aaah! With a name like that you'd think the queen takes her walk here every day right? Wrong! It's just a pedestrian walkway that goes a few miles! I did look around hopefully though you never know if the queen would saunter over in my general direction. Although Deanell told me that Nathalee and her friend Nikki have a restraining order and can not be within 100ft of her vicinity! Twas something about them almost knocking down her perambulator with George in it!! teeheehee! That drastically reduces my chances of seeing and chatting with said Queen! I will have to ask Nathalee for details later! As for her friend Nikki, I hope to meet her someday after all the wild stories I've heard about her!

Nathalee is so random! She just suddenly grabbed me by the hip and started dancing!! I love dancing!! Oh how I love her! See the joy and love on my face?

......And we're still dancing, but observe the beautiful view behind me!! Don't concentrate on the pained look I have on my face from that firm grip...good grief! I might need a hip replacement after this dance! She's not shy I can tell you that! Lots of people were staring at us!! I'm just glad she didn't twerk! ...and now I can't even believe I uttered that word!..in my acquired British accent none the less. That will be my first and last time! Note to self..stay away from the media!!  On the up side..A couple of people asked for my autograph! Am I getting popular then?

We're slowly making our way home but enjoying the view as we go. I can't believe I will be leaving London soon! Oh how I will miss these two!! My hip on the other hand...

One last little rest to enjoy the view! This is one beautiful city! I'm very reluctant to leave although I know my host family in Kenya is eagerly awaiting my arrival. Wow! All the way to Africa!!!