Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wilbert starts farming!

All this land and fresh air got me thinking...maybe I could try my hand at farming! After running around in the fields feeling the wind in my ears, I think it's time to grow something!

Look! Spinach! Back home in Canada they call it Swiss chard! These grow fast!! After deciding to grow them just a few days ago, look how much they grew!! And it's all organic too!! Nothing like fresh sautéed spinach! Yum!

Look! The plants are taller than me!! Hey! That's not necessarily a bad thing!! It just means I can reach the base and pluck the weeds a lot faster than most of you! Plus the added bonus of not injuring my back! You poor tall folk!

Check out my small corn field! Since I'm light, I can climb the stalks and get a good close look at my corn!! ...Doing good I see!! These will be very yummy roasted over an open charcoal fire sprinkled with salt and spicy red chilli powder as they do it here!! By the way! Bilbert is not anywhere to be found! I even looked in the nearby forest where I had a very close encounter with a porcupine! Oh my heart is still pounding! On the other hand I had fun watching a few monkeys monkeying around for a while!

My problem is getting up and down these makeshift steps from the garden to the house!! This pinkish soil can be a bit messy too!! Nothing a bath and blow dry can't fix! I'm just not used to soil this colour.

Almost there!!! These steps will need to be altered if I decide to settle here! Or when I come back to build a house. They are definitely not hip friendly. Let's not forget the damage that Nathalee did on my hip when I was in England..I'm still recovering from that!

After reaching the summit..guess what I quenched my thirst with? A lovely beer they call summit! Ok so maybe mine has been emptied into Julius's glass and filled with ginger beer..we all know I don't drink! But I think that's a cool name for a beer!! ...and at the rate Julius guzzled it, it must be tasty!  Oh it feels good to relax after a hard day gardening!

More details on the farm later..

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