Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bilbert in Oxford exploring the woods and playing red indian...

Bilbert is having such a great time in Oxford exploring and getting into all sorts of mischief!  He send us a message and we were all curled up on the couch reading about the great time he is having! The rest of the monsters are green with envy!  Even though they miss Bilbert, they are usually sooo excited to know what he is up to..and they have a good laugh out of it.  They have each secrectly come to me requesting their very own trip, but I have had to tell them they will have to live vicariously through Bilbert's eyes.  As usual we are sharing Bilbert's message and pics with you all.

"Hi everyone!! Naomi and I have been having such a great time!!  Words can't express so just take a look...!! I spent some time exploring the local woods...

Climbing trees is fun!! Oh boy! I love exploring!! Goodness there is so much to see!!.. many trees to climb...and places to get lodged in! oops!

Time to play hide and you can't find me..

pssst!...over here

huh? no!............................................................................................over here!!

I found this beautiful feather and we made a headdress so I can blend into the woodland even better

well...sort of
I'm off to play everyone... will write some more soon..take care.."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A quick update from Bilbert

"Just letting you know I'm still having fun with Naomi. Yesterday I went into town with Naomi and Abigail to do some sightseeing but the weather turned against us so we decided to leave it till tuesday and popped into Pret for some lunch.
hmm! comfy!...and its my colour too..

Yum yum, Moroccan chicken soup, hope they got 3 spoons as it looks deeelish
Gotta run... will be back soon! miss you guys!!"


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bilbert's adventure in Oxford continues....

"Today has been an exciting day for me!!  First of all I met the chickens..

 This is Alphonse

..and these are Jack and Maggie

This is Willow, she's 3 yrs old and is a black and tan cocker spaniel. She wanted to play with me but Naomi said I was a little too small for her rough and tumble games. She's a poppet tho and I got to scratch her tummy

This is Gemini, she's a miniature shetland who I'm going to have a ride on over the w/e

...and this is Tess, she's 20 and is recovering from a nasty foot infection, poor baby.

Off to explore the orchard....

My! that's a lot of apples


That was fun! I could use a rest..

mmmh! this is nice! Now all I need is someone to swing me...

yaawwn... I will be in touch later and let you know what mischief I got into.  I miss you all...."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bilbert's First Adventure in Oxford!

Bilbert has already arrived in Oxford and is having a great time with Naomi and gang!!

"I arrived in Oxfordshire in first class style (thank you Claire and postie) and the first thing to do was meet the rest of the gang. From the left there was Jarath, Jack Sparrow *WOW a real pirate! The Librarian, Ben the biker who I though was scary looking at first but he's a real teddy bear once you get to know him and Lady Loveday, a beautiful steampunk lady who has promised me a ride on her Zepplin tomorrow, I wonder if Naomi will lend me some goggles..

Next person I met was Naomi's latest project....

....A beautiful winged mermaid!!

 I could really go for this wing lark, save a load of postage if I could just fly everywhere!!

Huh? Not too sure about this fella tho, says he's called Fred but apart from that he didn't talk much

I'm having such a great time with every one so far!! I may never leave Oxford!! I will write soon with more adventures"

Bilbert sure got to Oxford fast! Wow he seems to be having so much fun and meeting such interesting characters!! I will post as soon as he writes with more adventure! Have fun Bilbert!!

You can also follow his Oxford adventures in Naomi's blog as well here

Monday, August 15, 2011

Bilbert's Adventure in Bath

We received a message and pictures of Bilbert's trip in Bath.  He seems to be having so much fun with his host family and seeing very interesting sites!!

"Hello everyone!! I miss all you guys and while I can't wait to see you all, I'm having such a great time with my host Claire in Bath!!  It is such a beautiful place with a lot of wonderful historic places to visit!! ..and let's not forget how awesome it is to cuddle with my new kitty friends Trevor and Darci.  I'm never gonna leave!!  As soon as I arrived I met Trevor and fell in love immediately!! I mean, look at him!!...

I was a little intimidated at first but realised he is just an adorable, harmless ball of fur!.... and he smells great too!!

oooh yeah, he smells great alright! and he is sooo soft and cuddly!! What a handsome puss!

With all this excitement who would want to cook, we decided to order in and play a few PS3 games on my first night!

mmmh...what do I feel like eating tonight? decisions...decisions! oh, I know..I think we should have....

....Pizza!!! was a great choice!! Best pizza I have had in a long time!!

Nothing like playing PS3 after such an awesome meal!! Or maybe because it's my first time playing it...but I love it!! ....especially now that i've discovered I'm good at these games!! I hope to get one when I get back home!

Yawnnn! Bed time..
Huh? I finally meet Darci!!! Look at her!!!..what a beauty..And the best part is that I get to share her bed!!  oh boy!! talk about comfort!  Sleeping in that cozy little bed beside that adorable ball of fur was heaven after my trip.  Frankly one of the best nights I've ever had!! Darci was too polite to tell me my snoring kept her awake..but i know it did!

Today we are going to an american football game between Bristol Apache and Berkshire Renegades!! Can you believe that?? I'm so excited!!  You all know how much I love my sports!!

♪♪♫Take me out to the ball game, take me out.....♫ ♪la la la la la!!! ♫woo hoo!!

go!! go!! go!! Bristol!! go!!

huh? me?? QB? really?? I'm a little out of shape but heck yah!! woohoo!!

We are off sight seeing!!  So many places to little time!!

We are standing outside Bath Abbey, an active christian church situated in the heart of the city!  Did you know it was founded in 1499 and it stands on the site of an earlier Norman Cathedral and the original Abbey church built in the 8th century? Enough history, I will tell you all about it when I come home!!

Take a look at the Roman Baths!! wow!! The house is a well preserved Roman site for public bathing! Incredible!!

Hanging out with a Jane Austen model outside the Jane Austen museum , very close to the house she used to live in!!  She was a well known and much loved English author! I have read a couple of her novels and if you haven't..well, go get one already!!

Relaxing on the green outside the Royal Crescent.  Ahhh the fresh air! Isn't it beautiful?


Meet Claire and Mungo the black lab! We doing the agility course behind us...time for me to get fit!

I did it!!! and in record time too!! I'm a lot fitter than I thought! ha!!

Woah! its dark in here! Maybe a nap will do while I wait for the rest to finish..yawwn

Ok folks! I will be in touch soon.  I'm now off to Oxford to visit Naomi!! I really don't feel like leaving this family, it's breaking my heart to leave these wonderful people, and my kitty friends ♥... but I'm also looking forward to what adventures await in Oxford!  Love you all!!! I will write again soon!"

Stay tuned...

Friday, August 12, 2011

'Art in the city' craft show coming up!

I have a craft show coming up on August 26, 27 and 28th! It has me stressed out a little more than I want to be because now I realise I might have bitten off more that I can chew! I am sewing away like a mad woman to make sure I have enough stock for the show.  I have never done this particular one and I hear it can get really busy.  For the locals, it will be at the confederation park behind the city hall so come visit me there then.. there will be lots of other artists so bring your wallets :)

So if I don't blog as regularly in the next few weeks, then you know what I'm up to.

I am expecting the next batch of photos of Bilberts adventure this weekend and I will certainly make time to put those up for Bilbert's fans!! yaaay!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bilbert is now in Bath!!....

Bilbert has arrived at his next destination Bath, England.  We will have pictures soon to see what kind of mischief he got into there!!!  I really envy him! so much so that I want to ship myselft around too...if only it was so easy!

He will be so surprised when he comes home!!! So many changes, so many new faces!! Speaking of new faces..Bilbert was a bit sneaky when he left and will be a daddy when he comes home!! Yeah you heard right! Bilbert got Lauralee knocked up before he left!! Sneaky little fella! It came as a surprise to all of us!! Monsters were whispering all over the place and pointing at her every now and then.... and offcourse she had a very suspicious glow!! I had to take her in to get checked yesterday and two little monsters are on their way!!  She insists we don't tell Bilbert, lest he feels obligated to cut short his trip!! We certainly don't want that!!..But that's a lot to keep from him too!!!  Should we tell him or not??

Miss Lauralee
See how chubby she looks?
We will have to see who the twins look like.