Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I'm not sure if you guys remember.  A while back I'd mentioned that I was getting a whole bunch of fur from a friend who's family was closing their coat making business. I got a variety of colours and I'm finally putting them to good use. I made a few monsters which seem to have been a hit in my craft show this past weekend. One very lovely customer bought a whole bunch just for herself! Kids loved them...admittedly a few were scared. Nonetheless, I was left with barely any at the end of the day. These monsters were certainly welcomed with open arms by all the others. The kitties were a bit suspicious, but finally after a few hisses, they accepted the new furry bug eyed monster. Here are a few jungle theme ones! I just love the leopard fur!!!! It's so soft!

Now they were asking what Wilbert and the rest are all excited about. And they were told all about Bilbert and his adventures. They volunteered to go in search of him, but Wilbert has already been nominated and he has his travel documents almost ready. We might have a party to send him off as well. We'll see...

Monday, November 18, 2013

We are going in search of Bilbert!

So the monsters and I had a meeting and decided that the fun doesn't stop because Bilbert was kidnapped. I think we were all living vicariously through him. They nominated Wilbert to go off in search of Bilbert. Hopefully he will send us lots of pics from his travels and if we are lucky, he will find Bilbert and bring him home. I hope you guys are all excited to see where he goes, what he does and who he sees! And if we are really lucky, he will bring Bilbert home! We are all excited here! Hurray!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

We are still here...back in action

Oh boy! Talk about neglecting my blog. Once Bilbert got lost I was just too disappointed to bother blogging! But! I'm back with all the fun doodledollies and I will tell you what mischief they've been up to! We went through a mourning period, and even though my shop has still been selling monsters, kitties an more, no blogging got done (clearly). 

I just hope someone will continue to read and have fun with me as I share my stories. 

Thank you to all of you who visit my blog...despite the silence. You guys rock!

Stay tuned!!