Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bilbert's Adventure in Cockermouth!!

So Bilbert send some pics and a an update on his read what he had to say..(click pictures to see them bigger)

"Hello everyone! Sorry it took me a while to write but I've been having such a great time with my wonderful hosts!! Everyone has been so good to me and I've met great new favourite is Christopher!!  Cockermouth is such a beautiful place to be... you all oughtta come and visit some day!  Meanwhile you can see it through my eyes!

So when I got to Cockermouth, England, Christopher was waiting there to greet me! Did you know Cockermouth was the birthplace of William and Dorothy Wordsworth? They are famous brother and sister poets from the 1700 - 1800's!

We hang out for a few days then we set off to the Cockermouth music festival, Cock Rock check it out! We did one of my favourite things too..CAMP!! Many of my buddies back home will envy me!! Sorry guys, we will go camping when I come home!!  I was as happy as a lark to wake up in a tent!

Aaaah the joys of a good nights sleep!

What a beautiful morning in Cockermouth!

gotta go! Can someone pass me the toilet paper please?

Getting a snack from the wonderful lady! yum!

Are you feeling the peace and love too??

I tried a little mixing on the sound desk in tent 42! Oh and I was good at it too!!

In the background you see a fairground ride I wanted to go on but was too short for!! As you can imagine I was not amused when they said I couldn't go, so I ruffled a few feathers and got into some trouble with the law!

Baaaah! partying on top of the bus with Adam was way more fun anyways!! woohoo!!

Pheeew! after all that action chilling on a guitar feels like a good idea!

Huh? I woke up in the arms of a beautiful fairy and thought I was dreaming!! woot! her neck smells so good!! aaaaah! this is life at it's best!

Partying in the dance tent!! ya know every festival goer needs to have a glowstick! party over here oooh oooh! Everyone was impressed by my dance moves!!

We are off to a relaxing day ...on the boat at Lake Windermere - Read all about it here We went on the green one here - and we had the most wonderful day!!! The weather was perfect and snuggling with my new bestie Christopher was the highlight of my day!! He is almost as good looking as I am!! hee hee!! ok fine!! he is waaay cuter!! But i'm a better dancer! aha!!

Taking in the breathtaking view of the wray castle

Christopher and I hang out at the front of the boat

My turn to steer the boat ...had to remind them not to distract me :)

ooops! got splashed a little!! Gotta step away from the ledge...

Are those pictures of me?? I'm better looking than I thought!! wow!! teeheehee!!

These pictures give you an idea of what I've been up to but do not represent a fraction of how much fun I'm having!! I miss you all though and can't wait to get back home to you guys, but it's really hard to leave my new friends.  I will have to move on in a few days but I will be in touch soon.  I love you guys! bye"

Aaaaaw!! That was really thoughtful of Bilbert!! His buddies can not stop reading his email!! They are elated!! But I can tell they are a bit envious of his adventures and wish they were with him!!

Stay tuned for more from Bilbert soon...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New family members

It's time to introduce the newest family members.  Bare in mind they are a little weird but none the less adorable (if I should say so myself).

Stuffed animal plush ninja kitty cat in green and black fleece - Kito

Give it up for.....Kito the Ninja Cat!

Stuffed animal plush kitty cat red eyes and aqua fleece - Buttons

Buttons! ..Admittedly a litte scary...but, its the allergies!!

stuffed animal plush puppy dog in white and light brown fleece - Puff

Puff the little odd looking but charming puppy!

Ok, so I set out to make a puppy, he was meant to be a little bigger and longer, somewhere along the way something went wrong.  And it spawned into this weird looking puppy..then it grew on me and now I quite like him!! ...Now on to making the one that I had in mind!

On the other hand, we hope Bilbert will share his adventures soon...

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bilbert's in England

Bilbert finally made his way to England safe and sound! We are all happy to know he got there in one piece.  We can't wait for him to start giving us details of his travels there!  His buddies have cheered up a little more now that they know he is safe. 

Stay tuned..

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We miss Bilbert!!

Apparently Bilbert's buddies are having a bit of hard time getting used to his absence!!  They are walking around looking woebegone, and rush to the door everytime I or anybody else pulls up!  Even though I've convinced them he will be back soon and we will all love his adventures.  So hopefully they will get over his departure soon!  As I walked to the door from a short bike ride, I saw them rushing to the window to look out!! They are too keen because they heard the garage door open as I put away my bike.  Lucky for me I had my camera.

There is a lot of light, but you can see them vaguely looking out with such hope.  Sorry buddies, it's just me!

Helloooo..didn't they notice I'm inside the house now?? I guess they are hoping Bilbert will come any minute now.  I'm sure once we get our first letter from Bilbert and hear how much fun he is having, they will all relax and enjoy the adventure.

There's an upside though!! I have two new curious and very naughty family members!!! Never a dull moment in this house..

Yes! that second orange is as bright, if not brighter than it appears! no flush was used.  Let's all welcome the new kitties!!