Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We miss Bilbert!!

Apparently Bilbert's buddies are having a bit of hard time getting used to his absence!!  They are walking around looking woebegone, and rush to the door everytime I or anybody else pulls up!  Even though I've convinced them he will be back soon and we will all love his adventures.  So hopefully they will get over his departure soon!  As I walked to the door from a short bike ride, I saw them rushing to the window to look out!! They are too keen because they heard the garage door open as I put away my bike.  Lucky for me I had my camera.

There is a lot of light, but you can see them vaguely looking out with such hope.  Sorry buddies, it's just me!

Helloooo..didn't they notice I'm inside the house now?? I guess they are hoping Bilbert will come any minute now.  I'm sure once we get our first letter from Bilbert and hear how much fun he is having, they will all relax and enjoy the adventure.

There's an upside though!! I have two new curious and very naughty family members!!! Never a dull moment in this house..

Yes! that second orange is as bright, if not brighter than it appears! no flush was used.  Let's all welcome the new kitties!!


  1. Those kitties are precious! I hope Bilbert is having fun!

  2. They look like they're going to be a handful as they have that very mischievous look in their eyes. And ... well you know how cats are ...