Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bilbert's Farewell

It's a bitter sweet moment, as Bilbert has finally taken off to his new adventure! We decided he will take off to his first destination, England, and do the local tour of Ottawa when he comes back home.  All his buddies were sad to see him go, but wished him well and look forward to hearing about his travel adventures.  They gave him quite the send off... needless to say when I came home yesterday, I walked right in the middle of his farewell party.. in my kitchen!!  So I quickly grabbed the camera and took a few pictures.  There was a lot of mischief going on.  Monsters drinking all sorts of strange beers, monkeys monkeying around, kitties in the pizza box, drunken bandits passed out and a few binging on chips.. oh boy! you just have to witness it for yourself!

They are so cute! They even made him a sign..aaaaaw!

 Aerial view of  the party! A few discussions going on...

Sneaky little devils! Where did they get that beer from??

How am I supposed to cook in this kitchen?? Maybe I should just join the party!

Oh wait! guess who ate the rest of the pizza... I guess i'm gonna have to cook..grr!

what shall we do with a drunken bandit, what shall we do with a drunken bandit...
ok enough singing, someone ought to tone down the drinking!

ok maybe a few someones need to tone down the drinking..woah!

Bilbert was having a great time!!!

..Then he got a little teary eyed... it was time to go catch his flight..

Group hug... goodbye Bilbert... sob ! sob!

All packed and on his way...we are all sad as we watch him leave.. he goes! we are all shouting our goodbyes!!
So long Bilbert!! We love you!! write as soon as you get there...we are dying to hear about your adventures in England!

Stay tuned....


  1. AWWWW!!!!!! This post was way too adorable....... lol

  2. lol! Cas, can you tell I had time on my hands?

  3. Farewells always leave me teary eyed, sniff sniff (psst does anyone have a hanky?)
    I'm sure Bilbert will have a marvelous trip but all his buds are sure gonna miss him.

  4. Hi From Nostalgic Summer. I love your sweet little creatures!

    Thank you for following:

  5. Oh my gosh are all your little monster friends adorable!! I would love to host Bilbert if you need a place for him to visit in the states, I am in Minnesota, very near the Canadian border so he will be close to his home country. ;) Thanks for stopping by today, I am folowing back.

  6. LOVE this - I'd host him too, I'm in Cape Cod, where the Pilgrims first landed!

  7. OMG! This is going to be so much fun! I can't wait to see his travels.

  8. Those who want to host him can email me names and addresses at

    Its gonna be fun! fun! fun!

  9. Bilbert is going to have so much to talk about when he gets home. What an awesome going away party. Glad you could capture it with your camera.

  10. That is hilarious. Bon voyage BIlbert!

  11. I am getting his room ready as we speak... Cant wait for his arrival!!

    Will let you know as SOON as arrives :)

  12. Know I left a comment a while back but the more I thought about it (and when I start thinking watch out, I'm dangerous) I began to realize you have more than just an adorable story here, this could be very marketable. Have you thought about putting the pictures and story into a book and selling it in your etsy shop ? There are adults that I'm sure would purchase it. OR, you could even tweak the story a bit (like change beer to rootBEER and/or ginger ALE) and make it into a children's book. Your little critters are so precious they could become very popular characters in your very own series of books ... look out J. K. Rowling ! :D

  13. I love love LOVE this!!! And I totally agree with Almost Precious!

  14. This is so lovely :)

    I know AlteredEras will take good care of him and he will have such a fab time.

  15. Will host Bilbert if he wants to come south in USA. We are New Mexico :)

  16. lol!! you guys crack me up!! and you have some awesome ideas!! A book about my critters?? brilliant!! That would be fun!! I will have to think about that one..the problem would be the time to do it! but I like the idea!!

  17. I loved this post! I can't wait to have him over and show him Miami. I added this link to one of my news post, check it out

    So much fun!!

  18. that is just too funny!
    (I may have to snag this idea for a bear later!)