Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New family members

It's time to introduce the newest family members.  Bare in mind they are a little weird but none the less adorable (if I should say so myself).

Stuffed animal plush ninja kitty cat in green and black fleece - Kito

Give it up for.....Kito the Ninja Cat!

Stuffed animal plush kitty cat red eyes and aqua fleece - Buttons

Buttons! ..Admittedly a litte scary...but, its the allergies!!

stuffed animal plush puppy dog in white and light brown fleece - Puff

Puff the little odd looking but charming puppy!

Ok, so I set out to make a puppy, he was meant to be a little bigger and longer, somewhere along the way something went wrong.  And it spawned into this weird looking puppy..then it grew on me and now I quite like him!! ...Now on to making the one that I had in mind!

On the other hand, we hope Bilbert will share his adventures soon...


  1. Ahh, your little creations are SO adorable I love Buttons.

    Definitely following you :)


  2. Very cute! I really like Buttons... creepy allergy eyes and all. :) Sea Marie

  3. I love Puff!!!
    He is adorable!!!

  4. Oh Puff is so cute, sort of like the runt in the litter that captures your heart.

    Buttons does have some wicked little eyes, hope the allergies clear up, maybe it's all this summer pollen as it would be awful if he were allergic to cats.

  5. One needs medication and the other... sleep. Cute though.