Monday, November 18, 2013

We are going in search of Bilbert!

So the monsters and I had a meeting and decided that the fun doesn't stop because Bilbert was kidnapped. I think we were all living vicariously through him. They nominated Wilbert to go off in search of Bilbert. Hopefully he will send us lots of pics from his travels and if we are lucky, he will find Bilbert and bring him home. I hope you guys are all excited to see where he goes, what he does and who he sees! And if we are really lucky, he will bring Bilbert home! We are all excited here! Hurray!!!


  1. Hurray ! A search party is being sent out, maybe Wilbert will pick up some clues on Bilbert's whereabouts. If not, I'm sure Wilbert will have fun, meet some very interesting people and have an exciting adventure. :)

  2. I sure hopes he finds a few clues and maybe even find him!! But most of all we hope he has a grand old time...especially since we are all living vicariously through him! Wilbert is very excited!