Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wilbert goes to the City

I apologize for the delay in conveying Wilbert's email! Wilbert spend a wonderful day with Nathalee and Deanell touring the city! He saw some incredible places and sent us some lovely pics and messages.

Woot! Check that out!! That is The Shard hotel! Did you know that it's the tallest building in Europe?? Wow!! I can't believe I got to see it! 

Isn't that the prettiest building you've ever laid eyes on? Ironically it's the exact design I had in mind for the house I intend to build for myself some day! I'll have to find the architect and have a talk with him!

Oh look how tall and proud I stand!! I can't believe little old me is about to see the London bridge!!! Oh what fun!!

Oh there it is!!!! Do you see the awe in my eyes!! I even teared up a little!! Isn't it beautiful?!!  I have a good mind to climb it and sit right at the top!! I'm not sure if that might be frowned upon though... 

One picture is just not enough!! I had to take another selfie!!  This moment deserves a moment of silence.....trust me, I'm silent even though my mouth's wide open! I'm just dumbfounded!

Look at the London Bridge Hospital right behind me!! It's structure is incredible. Oh what a wonderful view one would have from inside!! I do pity the poor people laying inside, but at least they have a beautiful and hopefully calming view... I'm sending healing vibes to them. I suggest you do too!!


Aaah! With a name like that you'd think the queen takes her walk here every day right? Wrong! It's just a pedestrian walkway that goes a few miles! I did look around hopefully though you never know if the queen would saunter over in my general direction. Although Deanell told me that Nathalee and her friend Nikki have a restraining order and can not be within 100ft of her vicinity! Twas something about them almost knocking down her perambulator with George in it!! teeheehee! That drastically reduces my chances of seeing and chatting with said Queen! I will have to ask Nathalee for details later! As for her friend Nikki, I hope to meet her someday after all the wild stories I've heard about her!

Nathalee is so random! She just suddenly grabbed me by the hip and started dancing!! I love dancing!! Oh how I love her! See the joy and love on my face?

......And we're still dancing, but observe the beautiful view behind me!! Don't concentrate on the pained look I have on my face from that firm grip...good grief! I might need a hip replacement after this dance! She's not shy I can tell you that! Lots of people were staring at us!! I'm just glad she didn't twerk! ...and now I can't even believe I uttered that word!..in my acquired British accent none the less. That will be my first and last time! Note to self..stay away from the media!!  On the up side..A couple of people asked for my autograph! Am I getting popular then?

We're slowly making our way home but enjoying the view as we go. I can't believe I will be leaving London soon! Oh how I will miss these two!! My hip on the other hand...

One last little rest to enjoy the view! This is one beautiful city! I'm very reluctant to leave although I know my host family in Kenya is eagerly awaiting my arrival. Wow! All the way to Africa!!!


  1. I cannot emphasize how much I wanted to trade places with Wilbert while he was in London...reading this blog made me want to cross London off my bucket list as Willy took us around but I will refrain from doing that until I go there myself. Thanks Wilbert you were an awesome tour-guide. Any signs of Bilbert? Please stay focus on the mission at hand...you are having a whale of a time trying to find him.

  2. haha Dainty, don't cross London off your list just yet! I'm sure there are plenty more places to see!! We were also a little surprised that there was no mention of Bilbert in his email..I sure hope he's not getting too distracted!! We will have to email him and remind him to stay on track!