Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One last day in London

I'm a little woebegone today as I will be leaving Nathalee and Deanell!  It doesn't help that they both look so sad!! That's the downside of my travels! I fall in love with each family and it just makes it that much harder to leave! But this is not goodbye, but see you later. I will be back to visit them with Bilbert! I just need to find him first. I've looked everywhere in London! I thought I'd find him at the party, or maybe admiring the bridge or just walking around but I didn't. I have to keep looking!!

Sob! I'm just standing outside to take in a little fresh air and compose myself! It's hard being in there. The reality of my departure just set in...and who knew Nathalee was so dramatic!! She threw herself on the ground and was kicking and screaming uncontrollably. Deanell just sobs silently and looks so sad! It just breaks my heart!! Sob! Sob!! I just don't want to leave..

Finally the mood is a little less somber and we're having our final!! My favourite!!  I had my passport with me incase I forgot it! Oh! Have no worries! My newly acquired British one is tucked away safely in my suitcase!

Deanell even has a friend over! Isn't she pretty!! She insisted on taking a picture with me!! She's such a sweetie! Guess who photobombed us?! Good thing I love that Nathalee! It's hard to get mad at her because she's so sweet! Plus she smells good!

This little one came to say goodbye too. He couldn't eat pizza but sure had a good nibble on my ears!  It tickled a lot and we had a good laugh. I'm not sure why everytime I laugh people think it's hilarious! Even this little guy had a good giggle!

Check out my ride to the airport!! I didn't want Nathalee to drive me. She just seems so emotional today and it's harder to say goodbye at airports!! Plus this way, I can tour the city one last time as we drive to Heathrow Airport. My flight to Kenya leaves at 0100hr!!! I love you Nathalee! I love you Deanell!! I'll email you guys soon ..keep an eye out for Bilbert will you?!


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