Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exploring Kenya

First I have to apologize for the late delivery of Wilbert's message below.

Hi everyone, I've been having a great time in Kenya. Everyone is so nice and friendly!! Probably the friendliest folk I've met yet.  They're just a happy lot here!! The weather is just perfect too!!!

Every morning starts with a fresh smoothie that has mango, papaya, passion fruit and bananas in it!! This is made by mama Rhoda, my host Julius's mum..Sooo yummy!! She is so sweet!! Oh I'm really loving life here! ....and the food!

I spend a few minutes watching in fascination as people go about their business. Everyone seems so busy in the morning washing and hanging clothes. Most of them singing as they do it. 

Aaaahh! I'm finally in the country side. A small village called Kilome and the air is just soo fresh!!! Check out this chair! Isn't it the coolest?! I have to be careful though in-case I fall through!!

It's a beautiful day!! The views from Kilome are incredible. The village is up on a hill and you can see far and wide!! You can actually see Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya on a clear day. Oh how I love it here!! Julius said I can even build a house on his land!! Isn't that just generous of him??!!

Isn't that a beautiful view!! And check out the lovely blue sky!! Such a beautiful day!!! I'm eyeing every bush to see if perhaps Bilbert might pop out of it. I wonder if he is in Kilome?

Off to search...will let you know..

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  1. Wilbert seems to be having a great time and Kilome looks beautiful. His breakfast smoothie sounds delicious. Yum. :)