Thursday, March 22, 2012

New monsters

Ok, so on a lighter note, I have some new monsters to share.  They still have the same happy look, but their hands and legs are all fur!! I love the way they turned out even though working with fur can be a bit messy,...some furs more than others.  I'm thinking that now that the weather is getting better, I will do most of my cutting in the back yard...leave the mess outside.  Maybe some birds could use the fur for nests?? I would like to think so but after i'm done picking up the bulk of it only random strands will the left.  The beige one I've used for this monsters was a fabric given to me a while back by my dear sister, but just hadn't had the opportunity to use it.  Not sure why, as it was fairly easy to use and not that messy!! So what do you think?

They have such innocent, youthful faces...but only one of them can be trusted! The second one called Imani.  The first one is Zuku.  You can find them both in my etsy store here

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  1. They're so cute and their little horns make them look very mischievous.

  2. those are soo cuute! great designs :)