Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wilbert meets the family

Wilbert has been enjoying his stay in Greece so much!! The weather has been just perfect and the family has been so loving!!!  He wanted to introduce us to the family.

First is the lovely Ilse!! She was so kind as to let Wilbert stay with her and her family as he searches for his brother in Greece. In Wilbert's email he said "She is incredibly kind, sweet and she smells great!" Can't you almost tell from the look on his face? 

This is Michalis! Ilse's wonderful husband. He promised to help Wilbert with his search for Bilbert. Wilbert described him as "fun, friendly...with a great sense of humour and a firm grip!"  We can tell just by looking at him...can't we?

Wilbert loved meeting Sebastian, Ilse's son!! He thought he was so cool!! He loved his haircut and he couldn't get enough video game time with him! He said Sebastian was "adventurous, fun, creative and very active." He taught him some awesome games, he even got to win some! Okay maybe one or two....Sebastian is just way too good at the games! Wilbert just needs more practice. 

Georgos is Sebastian's brother ....and Wilbert loved Georgos! Not only because he took him to the beach, but also helped him look for Bilbert while they were there. He said Georgos was "kind, adorable, playful, very active and so cool!" Wilbert found the beach very calming...but left and right, up and down, Bilbert was nowhere to be found. 

Porthos was a little terrifying to Wilbert at first. He sniffed him a lot and made weird sounds. Bare in mind, Wilbert had never met/seen a dog in his life!!!  It only took a few hours for him to fall in love with Porthos! He realized, they are about the same height and they can play together! They both spend a lot of time chasing his tail!! Wilbert even tried to ride Porthos but that was an epic fail! Wilbert described Porthos as "cute, cuddly, playful and very friendly!" The biggest advantage of having Porthos around was that he got blamed for everything! (Even when Wilbert did it teeheehee) Missing cookies, farts, open doors...just name it! He hopes that one day he can out-run porthos at the beach though. He just needs to keep exercising. You can do it Wilbert!!!

Now that we've met the family we will have to see what adventures he gets into with them. 

Write soon Wilbert! We miss you!!!


  1. Wilbert seems to be having so much fun! Looks like a beautiful beach too. It's nice to see he is having fun while he's on this very important mission.

  2. I love these! So cute and funny ;)