Friday, March 21, 2014

Out and about in London

It's a brand new day and it's a beautiful one too. Nathalee, Deanell and I are going out and about and I'm looking forward to it.

These flowers look like tiny yellow birds flying around. So vibrant aren't they?!  Flowers always give you a whole new outlook on life especially at this time of year!!  I wish the winter would end soon for my family in Canada! I'm sending them all warm thoughts from England. I do wish they will read this with the English accent I've acquired. Teeheehee!

I've met a few new friends!! The blue one's a furby! Some kind of creature that I'm not quite sure about. Boy are they a chatty kind!! This creature makes the weirdest noises at the weirdest of times and none of us can understand what's it's all about. They are fun to watch though and all that mumbling is quite funny for the most part. The penguins and I try to immitate but it just doesn't sound the same!! Furby's are funny fellows!! Rumour (a.k.a the penguins) has it that they can somehow be turned off! A funny concept to me, but they sure do need it! Fancy having an off switch, I would certainly object to that!

Penguins love a good story. This one in particular loves to hear me read Sea Life over and over again. He thinks my newly acquired accent is a bit odd.  Personally I think I sound very charming and sophisticated but that has been questioned a few times by this pesky penguin.  Good thing he loves playing hide and seek too...and we all know it's a game I love!! 

Yoohoo! It's the queen!! Look at me mingling with royalty! Yeah! Yeah! I know it's just a plate but I haven't met her in person ...yet!..and how many of you own a plate like this huh?'s still cool!! I think when I meet her she will love me! Forget the queen, I think I should pop in and visit the duke and duchess! I can have a tête-à-tête with Kate and maybe play with little George. Plus it gives me an opportunity to see if Bilbert is perhaps staying with never know, right?

Check out Nathalee's favourite beer!!! Can you tell where she's from? She got me to try some but while it tasted great, beer is just not my cup of tea. I prefer ginger beer! Plus I have to be a role model for all the other little monsters!!  Beer isn't good for monsters, they can be a rambunctious, naughty and mischievious lot after just a few sips! Nah! I'll stick with good old ginger beer! Leave the beer to the older humans they handle it better!

Guess where I am??!!! ...You got it!! At the movies!! Nathalee, Deanell and I are watching Non-stop! Oh and I had popcorn and a big pop to myself!! My belly was busting at the seams after that! The movie was great! You all have to go see it. It was captivating right from the beginning to the end and I was immensely thrilled!  It took me a while to calm down from all that excitement! Speaking of calm, I'm off to bed! We will tour some more tomorrow..until then, so long!


  1. Willy is hilarious...he makes me feel like I'm in England with him. I even read the blog with a British accent. Off to have a cup o tea! :)

  2. haha!! He does!! He's really getting into it!