Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wilbert tours Greece

Wilbert had a few days bonding with the family and spending endless hours playing with Porthos. He had so much fun that for a brief moment he forgot his quest to look for Bilbert. At least he knows he has to have fun as he searches too!!

He looked in this lovely flowery bush but he wasn't in there. The leaves kind of tickled him and he had a good laugh. He couldn't believe how lush and green the bush looked and the flowers were such a lovely pink colour...and the smell was glorious! Oh the little joys of life!!

Oh the ground is so warm!! Where is the snow?? He is certainly not missing it! The sun on his face feels lovely!!!  You can tell with his one attentive ear he is listening out for any sounds of Bilbert! 

"Yoohoo Billy!! Can you hear me?? Woot..notice how the Greek flag in the background brings out the brown in my eyes??!... I love it here!! Hmm Billy's not here!!"  I have to mention that Wilbert is the only one that's allowed to call Bilbert Billy! It's a twin thing. He gets livid when anyone else calls him Billy! By the way...does anyone else notice just how easily Wilbert gets distracted?

"Billy? Billy? I guess he's not on the rooftop! But hey, look at this beautiful view!!!! The air is so fresh, the trees smell great and the sky looks beautiful!...oh what a beautiful mooorning.. oh what a beautiful day....ok enough singing! hey Porthos, wanna play hide and seek?..."

Wilbert is having such a great time in Greece! All the monsters are having a great time living vicariously through him!! We miss him though! But he has a job to do and an adventure to have. 

So long Wilbert! Till next time...


  1. I love these adventures! I'm so jealous that Wilbert is in Greece (it's on my bucket list to visit). The quest for Bilbert is still going :)

  2. Too cute!! Love this, great pics.

  3. Julie I hear you!! I would love to go to Greece someday too!!
    Thanks Holly!!!

  4. It was so fun having him here! Let Me know when You all come for Greece we have a drink together! :)

  5. Thanks again Ilse for hosting him. I'm still looking for more hosts, so if anyone else wants him to visit, just let me know here or email me at

    I'm glad you are all following his adventure!!