Friday, March 14, 2014

The final days in Greece!

Wilbert spend his final days in Greece visiting different sites and enjoying the sunshine. He certainly knows how to have a good time with everyone. It helps that he is super friendly!!

This certainly looked like a place Billy would love!  You know why??? ..he loved horses!! Can you see the beautiful one in the back ground?? Wilbert went horse riding and loved it. He tried to ask the horses if they had perhaps seen Billy... He was shocked to hear him neigh! What an odd sound a horse makes! It startled him a little! Can you tell it's the first time he meets horses too?? Wilbert is certainly learning a lot on his adventures. 

"Oh will you look at that!!! The beach!!, I ran around and made little footprints in the wet sand! I build a sand castle with Sebastian and Georgos!!! I swam 2 feet into the water and got thrown back out by the waves!! I played catch with Porthos! I got buried in the sand!! It was such a lovely day!! I just wish my twin brother was here to play too!! I searched all over the beach but couldn't find Billy!! Where is he???"

Weeeee! Don't you just love it when the wind blows your ears around??  Well if you are the same species as Wilbert, you would too! Hair is overrated anyways!!!  And wind just messes hair up! Ears on the other hand are awesome!!

"Aaah! Time to wind down! All this fresh air and sunshine is very exhausting!!! This my friends, is not a complaint just a statement said in appreciation for all mother nature offers! Tiihiihii! But we all know sunshine and beaches are the best!!  Time to relax before I pack up my bags and head to England to visit Nathalee!!!!! Hopefully she's as nice as Ilse and her family! I will miss them all.  I wonder if Nathalee has a doggie too?? Well, I will find out soon enough!  Do you think Bilbert is in England?"

*To all my readers/followers, I'm still looking for all sorts of places to go visit and continue my quest to find my brother. If you would like to host me, get your people to email my people at tiihihi! That makes me sound all important, doesn't it?*

You heard him! Any potential hosts can email. Also visit to see the monsters and kitties for sale. You can get your very own Wilbert look alike. 

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  1. Can't wait to read your next adventure!