Monday, March 17, 2014

It's England! It's England!

I'm finally here!!! It's London!! I love it!!! Nathalee picked me up and I was just delighted to meet her. She was sweet, funny and she talks almost as fast as I do!! Her son Deanell is the superstar! He is cool, witty, and he happens to be better looking than I am (very rare!)

Look at them both!! Can you see the delight on my face?? Huh!! Their accents are just music to my ears!! I've acquired a bit of an accent too!! Oh you should just hear me, I sound brilliant!!

Look at that!!! Nathalee hinted she would put me in one of those!! Ugh! Can you imagine how claustrophobic that would be?? Oh the horror!! I'm getting nightmares just thinking about it!! Better yet, can you see the fright on my face and the glee on hers? She's a riot that Nathalee!! Good thing I love her and I'm so forgiving! Flights are way better and roomier! Just saying....

Somehow I feel safer in the hands of Deanell!! Plus we just look cool together!! Look at those shades!!  We are going to a friends birthday party!! You know I love everything about, food, games, music and cake! What's not to love??!

Oh I'm having such a great time!! The kids think I'm a bit odd maybe because my dancing skills are far more advanced than theirs!.. And maybe because I had too much cake! Does my stomach look a tad protrudy? Bilbert was the party animal, I was glad to come to the party as I was hopeful I would find him here. He could always smell a party a mile away. I shook every gift and looked under all the furniture and on the dance floor, but Bilbert was nowhere! 

Oh! Oh! Time for me to sing..

I played this little organ and sang my heart out! They were all amazed at my voice!! One of the parents, a music producer offered to record one of my songs!! Can you believe that!? Woot!! I would love that, but I'm on a mission to find my brother and honestly travelling around the world is so much fun!!!  I should have done this ages ago!!

Oh I'm glad we're home! Don't you just love their house?? Oh I can tell I will love my stay here!! I just know it!! Nathalee and Deanell are planning an awesome trip to show me around London so stay tuned!! I'm pooped..


  1. I wish I was there with him! He looks like he is having a blast and I agree that he a Deanell look like quite the pair. We'll look forward to seeing more of his adventure with this fun family! Keep us posted.