Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bilbert visits Kenneth Tickell Organ designers and Builders

Hi Bilbert sorry we have been MIA, I've been extremely busy at work and getting ready for my upcoming craft shows (its that time of the year), and there haven't been too many updates to begin with.  This is a bit of a delayed update on my part.  Before Bilbert left for Germany he visited the Kenneth and Tickell organ company in Northampton and send us a message and some pics...

"Hi guys! hope you've all missed me as much as I've missed you all.  Essie and Jason I've been so nice showing me around and cuddling up with me!!  They took me to go visit the Kenneth Tickell Organ Designers and builders!  We had so much fun!!

yippee!! We are here!!

Will you look at that!!

What a masterpiece!

Kinda feels like bull riding! tee hee hee!!

oh! oh! good thing I read the sign!!...i was just about to do the opposite!
I just wish I could take it home!

This is so cool!! I tried walking on it but it hurt a little :) incredible how much work goes into one of these!
Time for me to show you how to play one...too bad you can't hear my incredible la la..

Craftmanship at its best!

This is grand!!!

Pictures from Germany will be coming soon...