Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wilbert has gone to find Bilbert!!!!

Finally, after a long holiday season and a little travel, Wilbert has gone to find Bilbert.  Let's recap for those who missed out.  Bilbert went out on an adventure a while back.  He visited a few places before someone kidnapped him along the way.  All the doodledollies and I were very saddened and we took a long hiatus to moan.  But his twin brother decided he will go out and find him.  We all agreed!!... and on Feb 4th, he took his flight to Greece to start his search there!

For those who need to see where Bilbert's adventure began, and his awesome farewell party, please click here

This is the day he left and his friends had a farewell party for him.

Wilbert didn't get as great a send-off, but he did have a fun last day.  Pictures will come shortly...


  1. I do remember Bilbert! I hope he is found but if not, Wilbert will have fun looking for him. I hope whoever kidnapped him is at least treating him good.

  2. I've been neglectful of my blog and with visiting some of my favorite bloggers' blogs - so now I am trying to catch up. I still feel that a children's book featuring these adorable little monsters would be a big hit . . . and you tell their adventures so well. :)