Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wilbert's last day

We are all glad that Wilbert is off to search for Bilbert. We were sad to see him go but hopeful that he will bring Bilbert home. On the morning of his departure the doodledollies all got up early to make him breakfast and plan a way to make his last day special. They baked him some apple spice cookies served with a glass of almond milk. That, by the way is his favourite breakfast...and so was his twin's Bilbert.

He was very pleasantly surprised and gobbled them up fast!

He took a pause in between to tell them how grateful he was and offer us all some!

 He even had a second glass of milk!! One monster was so tired from the early morning baking and fell asleep beside Wilbert. 

Once Wilbert was fed they took him outside to have one last snow ball fight. A good idea too since Wilbert will not see much of it in Greece. 

Say cheese!!! Look at that!! One's even whiter than the snow! Yeti!!!

Splat!!! Wilbert got it right in the face!!  Nothing a little fluffing and blow drying couldn't take care of later. It was still hilarious when it happened!

So much fun!! Short lived though soon it was time for Wilbert to take his flight. He even got the first stamp on his passport!! Aaaaaawwww...

We hope he will have a lot more entries in his passport when he returns. Most of all we hope he brings Bilbert back!!  I will keep you posted on his goings on! Stay tuned!

Wilbert's last words "I will find my twin brother Bilbert if it kills me!!!" Hopefully he doesn't mean that literally...

Wilbert..enjoy your adventure!! We miss you already!!


  1. I'm sure the pics look weird but I can't edit from my iPad. I will edit them properly as soon as I get to a computer.

  2. Lovely story! I can't wait to read about Wilbert and Bilbert!

  3. Good luck Wilbert, have a safe journey.

  4. Not sure if my first comment went through as when I hit publish the screen changed and told me that SERVICE WAS UNAVAILABLE.

    I just wanted to wish Wilbert a safe journey.
    Ugh and now on to the dreaded CAPTCHA (I hate those things and so does just about everybody else. I took it off my blog a couple of years ago and found more people left comments. With the CAPTCHA they had been turned off by trying to copy its silly words or numbers).