Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun in Kilome!

The last few days have been very busy for me. We are preparing for a party and we have been running around trying to get things done.   Right now I have to figure out the ideal place the cooking will get done. We are going with the three stone setting you see here. It's best for big pots and cooking for masses. Oh you wouldn't believe the things I've learned here. Who would've thought I'd be cooking meals in big pots on bricks?! Awesome!! it's like camping, only better! The fact that I get to do it outside in great weather is just epic!

Will this be it? Hmmm! I can't decide. We've used this spot before. I'm using it now to warm up some tomatoes. I will then add some maple syrup, blend them and make an awesome soup!! It tastes better than it sounds. Yummy!!

Found it!  This is a better spot!! It's a little hidden away from prying eyes and I can put my culinary skills to good use without people peeking at what I'm making. I'm frying up some onions to make a chicken curry!! Yum. I have to be careful though.  It's very easy for me to fall into the pot or step on a hot log! ..or worse, fall into the fire! Ouch!!  Hmm I need more firewood!

Gotta make sure that the outdoor bathroom and latrine are kept clean before everyone gets here. I definitely, had to get used to the latrine. Never seen anything like it back home. That's because I haven't gone camping yet. A little fella like me could easily fall into one. 

Did I tell you all that this party is actually to celebrate the life of Julius's brother Jack? He was a wonderful man that left us way too soon! He will be missed tremendously.  Sob! Sob! Sorry, didn't mean to get you all sad too. 

Gotta make sure the dog, Wewa, is fed and comfortable. He will be staying in his kennel when the crowds come over just so that he doesn't nip at anyone. He's very friendly but tends to nip when provoked and as we know kids tend to do that! Can you see him behind me? There's a good boy!!

Hedges are trimmed and path is swept. Now the lovely Lorraine, Julius's beautiful niece thinks it's a runway! Look at her!!  Lorraine is so sweet! She has a crush on me teeheehee! She's trying to convince me to marry her and take her with me when I leave. She says she's never met anyone like me before...Pssst, I wonder if she's noticed I'm a little monster? Teeheehee! If she kisses me one more time....

Time to open the gates and let the people make their way in. Teeheehee I may need help with this one.  Meanwhile I will just swing a little on it until Julius comes down to help me. Who knew gates can be so comfy to sit on?

Toodles...I better go get everything finalized before the family gets here. I wonder if any of them have seen Bilbert?  We'll soon find out. 

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  1. still waiting for your answer Willbert