Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet the family

The party was a success people! The food I made was a hit!! Tears were shed, plates were licked and a celebration of life was had. I took a few pictures of Julius and his family and friends. 

That's Julius with his family goofing around. That on the far right is Lorraine! Remember I mentioned her earlier, the one that keeps giving me kisses and hopes I will take her when I leave? Oh but she's adorable though. And Julius's sisters are just so awesome!! I loved meeting the rest of the family and they seemed to enjoy my company. After the initial shock of realizing what and an odd looking fella I was. 

I got to meet one of the greatest men alive, Julius's dad Jonathan!! He is very well spoken, gentle and very, very wise!! Everyone goes to him for advice and he always has the right things to say. That's him with that pesky Lorraine draped all over him. Granted he is her grandpa, but she's in every picture!...oh but I still love her!

Gross! Someone needs to have a talk with Lorraine! Pronto! This kissing business needs to stop! Can you see the horror on my face?

Teeheehee! You better believe it! I'd rather stand in this thorn bush than get one more kiss!! Ouchie! Ok maybe that's drastic! Off to find Lorraine now...

Sorry for the sporadic messages but it's  been very busy here. I'll do better....promise!!

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